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visual, audio and computer services from Orin Buck

Aiming towards simple, clear communication. Sitebuilding with plain HTML or WordPress and Drupal. Site maintenance plus content editing and production.

Websites for Art, Music and Film

Ellen Dissanayake
“Dissanayake posed that question boldly in her first book: ‘Since all human societies, past and present, so far as we know, make and respond to art, it must contribute something essential to human life. But what?’ A biologist, she proposed, would consider art as a set of behaviors rather than a class of objects.”

Williamsburg Art and Historical Center
Since 1996 the WAH Center has presented art exhibitions, music, theater, literary and other events in its landmarked French Second Empire building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Boris Lurie Art Foundation
Dedicated to reflect the life, work, and aspirations of the artist Boris Lurie, and the NO!art Movement’s spirit of protest as embodied in its art and culture.

Expert Witness: Health Professionals on the Frontline Against Torture
This film tells the story of health professionals who used their skills to fight state-sponsored torture — a special group of expert witnesses.

Doctors of the Dark Side
A documentary about the critical role of physicians and psychologists in detainee torture. Sound Recordist: Orin Buck.

Carol Quint — New York artist

David Arthur-Simons — New York artist

Trudy Silver — New York musician

Lucy Gould Reitzfeld — New York artist

Robert Reitzfeld — New York artist

Other Sites by Orin Buck

Alvin Hall
Alvin Hall is an internationally renowned financial educator, bestselling author, and regular contributor to BBC radio and television, as well as magazines and newspapers.

Biobalance Integrated Wellness
Neurofeedback brain training.

Salon Amici
Complete beauty salon services in New York City's Turtle Bay.

Maks and Lea Rothstein Charitable Youth Trust
Established in memory of the families of Maks and Lea Rothstein, and in memory of the millions of children who perished during the Holocaust.

Coding Only (not designed by Orin Buck)

Ultra Violet (IXXI site)
New York Artist, Andy Warhol Superstar


Judi Harvest — New York artist

Rebuilt and Maintained

BrainPaint® — Neurofeedback systems

Single-camera documentation of events including theater, music and dance, interviews; plus multitrack recording, audio engineering, video editing, DVD mastering, and online video

Video production

Director of Videography for Memories On Video, New York, NY, 2009-2012

Single-camera documentation

Available to record events in New York. Very experienced in documenting theater, music and dance. Ask about other types of video documentation.

Two camera shoot + audio & post

Conference documentation

All videos on this page:,
Professionals Speak Out About Torture and Dual Loyalty

The Swiss Consulate's ThinkSwiss events:
"ThinkSwiss: Genève Meets New York": Breaking Through Internet Censorship
"ThinkSwiss: Genève Meets New York": Panel Discussion at the American Red Cross

One of the camera operators for Come Unto Me: The Faces of Tyree Guyton

Audio recording

Mobile 6-track 24 bit digital recording. Can record audio only, or audio and video.

Recent recording projects:
Ben Miller's Sensorium Saxophone Orchestra
Fist of Kindness CD releases
Sound recordist for documentaries Doctors of the Dark Side and Expert Witness: Health Professionals on the Frontline Against Torture

Video editing

Editing experience since 1985 includes music videos, documentaries, event documents and more. Experienced with Final Cut Studio, audio sweetening, color correction.

Shot interviews and edited this Kickstarter video for artist Judi Harvest.

DVD mastering

Experienced with DVD Studio Pro. Graphic design services for label and box design.

Video art services for artists

It's your art work—Buck Art is just there to create the video you need. Understanding aesthetic considerations helps me make your video art appropriate for the context of the art world. Also experienced in video art installation setup.

Posters, books, ads, brochures and more with InDesign, Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator. Copy editing, photography and pre-press, with experience in variable data and on-demand printing

Print samples

Memories On Video trifold brochure
Design and writing with Jason Schermer

Biobalance Integrated Wellness trifold brochure
Design and co-writing/editing

J&V Pizerria Catering Menu trifold brochure
Design and photography

Web Bindery large brochure
Design, plus illustrations showing fictional websites transformed into brochures.

Web Bindery brochure
Design, plus illustrations showing fictional websites transformed into brochures.

Celebrating Milton's 400th Birthday
Postcard for art exhibit.

The Mad Hatters’ Review MAD HATTERS’ REVUE Event Book
On-demand publication available now at Lulu.com.

Luna Pienna postcard
Postcard for art installation in Venice.

Rhinoscimento Poster

DQD One Sheet Product Promo

DQD Brochure

911 Alarm Onesheet
Illustration and design.

State "No Illusions e.p." front cover/back cover
Early pasteup design for classic hardcore record (in collaboration with the band).

CD-ROM screen samples

Las Vegas Official Virtual Tour

Photoshop samples

Katharine Hepburn Garden postcard
Kate and flowers collage.

Buddha Sculpture in Venetian Plaza
Constructed from photo and 3d rendering and video of broken glass.

Museum Exhibition Proposal for Richard Humann
From 5 video stills and 2 images of people.

Waterford (fake) Crystal
Created from B/W logo.

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